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Why Vegan Caribbean Food is Making Waves in Brooklyn | Hungry For More

In an area of Flatbush Brooklyn, known as “Little Caribbean,” the flavors of the islands are on every corner – with jerk chicken, oxtail stew, beef patties, and more.

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  1. This series is so underrated… I randomly watched some Hungry For More episodes and I'm glad I didn't skip these videos. Every episode is unique, awesome people, awesome places and most important… delicious looking, wide variety of food!
    Well done FWF!

  2. I really need to try this, it looks so yummy seriously . I'm not vegan but I live my veggies and I can do this 2 -3 times a week. I'm glad I live in NY when I can get to Brooklyn I defiantly trying this.

  3. No matter how many parts of goat are in a dish, they aren't as bad as the amount of sugar in his drink. Just saying. A lot of hypocrisy comes with specific diets, on all sides.

  4. Mannn I can't wait for Elon Musk to invent a teleporting device so that I can order amazing things like these over continents! 🤤

  5. I am in love with every philosophy and general vibe of this video! This makes me very proud to be black. Positive representation is so crucial. We all need to see in real time, how we can all do better. Thank you for this, bless.

  6. I've been here once and tried the burger, its phenomenal, so many complex flavors, it took a while to make but SO worth it. The best vegan burger i've ever had.

  7. Yo I just moved to Little Caribbean from south FL, about a year and a half ago. No one gives a fuck about FL lol, so it's crazy to wake up and see a video about where I live on YT today. Only time I'd see my neighborhood on tv/Youtube in FL is when a methhead would kill 5 ppl


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  9. That food looks awesome! I know where to go when I am back in NYC area. Truly inspirational and the food is wonderful instead of the usual. It is a comfort food of its own. 👍😀

  10. LOVE IT!!
    Especially considing when it comes to culture people think so stangantly. You must have had over come so much advertisty from others. Glad you stayed strong!
    We must evovle with news times or be left in the dust.

  11. Some of it looks good, but please don't wear gloves over a hot stove. Correct me if I'm wrong, that's a health code violation and honestly kinda nasty. Gloves carry just as much bacteria as your hands unless you're constantly changing them, and it's a risk youll melt them into your food. Seen it happen too many times.

  12. Looks SOOOOO good! I just crossed the line into type 2 diabetes. I'm learning, and some times the hard way. You're a couple hours away but I'm thinking road trip. Best wishes Aunts & Uncles.

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