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Winco Grocery Haul! | Vegan & Prices Shown! | February 2020

Thank you so much for watching!! → Corn Salsa – → Farro Soup …

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  1. We are allowed to use our own bulk bags for bulk bins at our winco. Also, the love crunch granola is one if those accidentally vegan products. Totally vegan 💖💖

  2. New subbie here!! 💞😘 love love loved this video! & I just did a Trader Joe’s vegan haul yesterday! I would LOVE if you checked it out & subscribed back. Xoxoxo happy Tuesday!

  3. Hello, We just got a Winco here last week.. Wow it was huge… I'm still in love with SPROUTS… I hope nate is doing better…With as much as you love carrots I saw a 25lb of carrots and thought of…🤣🤣 My daughter did get me 2 artichokes and 2 heads of broccoli… Hmmmm WATERMELON… you must have been thinking of looks like a great haul… I might give Winco another chance later when things die down.. Give my love to the boys.. Hugs and kisses to bearman… love y'all…

  4. I get organic tofu from my costco in canada. Mostly because 350 grams or 1 block of medium firm tofu costs $2.99 CAD. If I get it from costco I get 3 blocks for $5.90. I am basically saving an extra block of tofu. It would be amazing if I could batch cook tons of tofu in my house. That isn't feasible for me. So every once and awhile I take transit to costco and buy my plant based essentials.

  5. Feel better Nate! Sometimes brands don't use the vegan symbol because it costs too much for them to change it on the packaging. I think it will take me another 2 months to unpack! But at least I'm getting a workout with it!

  6. Hi Kim, I'm so surprised that Nate, went to Work! I hope he's still going to see a Chiropractor though? Veggie Dumplings with the stir fry! Yum! Aldi, now has "Veggie Dumplings or Veggie Pot Stickers & of course Trader Joe's, does to." That is one of the (1st) thing's , I will be making " when My broken ankle heals!" Real Food!
    Hug's & Kisses to Austin & ALL ' Fur'Babies ♥️😘 Blessings and lots of love to ALL,

  7. Yes!!!! Can’t beat those boca burgers. I have tried to venture out and try other vegan burgers but I always come back to the boca! I feel like other vegan burgers they add too much weird things to try and make them appealing and it’s just like Nooooo! For the longest I seriously thought the beyond burger smelled like canned cat food. And the light life taste like eating pinto beans in a patty. Boca ain’t got time for all those shenanigans 🙌🙌🙌

  8. I wish I could find tofu at our Aldi. They never seem to have it. I doubt it’s a big seller here in this area. I have to pay over $2.50 for organic tofu, sometimes even over $3.00, depending on where I get it. I like the Love Crunch chocolate & berries granola. Perhaps it’s listed as vegetarian & not vegan due to the sugar processing. I recently picked up the Kashi Go Lean chocolate crunch granola cereal & am hoping I like it; it’s labeled vegan. I’ve been putting my oj in the Vitamix & blending in a knob of ginger & turmeric to boost my immunity.

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