Winner of Season 6 Announced! | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

Jennifer and Andre face off in a three-hour, three-course battle for the title of MasterChef Canada. As with the previous seasons, they must work non-stop for …

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  1. Just in case you don’t know how strong Jennifer is, she is the only masterchef winner that has not face elimination at all (bottom in pressure test).

    Winners in other seasons have been in bottom three at some point during their season, but not Jennifer.

  2. Spoiler:

    I really found Andre better. I mean sorry but if I went to a restaurant I would want to eat all this random stuff she made.

    Andres things where actually dishes which could be served in a restaurant

  3. Jennifer just has so much charm, it's like watching a little kid dash around getting crayons and paper then smile at what they have brought to life with their imagination.

  4. I am completely blown away by Jennifer's dishes presentation. Its right the starter was absolutely Michelin star. The dessert was better than it could get. Perfect

  5. I like Jennifer's body language, the way she high fives other contestants and the way she was comforting Andre and then hugged him. She must be a warm loving person!

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