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Wolfgang Puck Answers Restaurant Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Chef Wolfgang Puck, uses the power of Twitter to answer the internet’s burning questions about restaurants and cooking. How do …

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  1. How to chop fast according to Wolfgang Puck: just do it lmao

    It's the bear-claw thing he's doing to make sure he doesn't slice his fingers off no matter how fast he goes. That+practice.

  2. Okay, what I liked most about his responses was how he was all about the food, and taking care of the customer. And that steak looked SOOO good…

  3. Yuck. You can taste the pretentiousness in this video. Snobby chefs are like HR departments: they manufacture their own need for being, and exist solely to prop themselves up. Its baseless.

  4. What a lovely man. My first time at Spago, he walked around the dining room to chat and shake everyone’s hand at their table. Staff even invited us to the kitchen for a mini tour. What an experience meeting a legend 🙌🏽

  5. Chef Puck adds some horizontal cuts to his onion dicing. Those cuts are difficult, dangerous, and do absolutely nothing. The onion is already naturally layered in that direction. Skip that step!

  6. Do you know. I would really prefer my steak without sprigs and flowers. Presentation doesn't have to be pretentious, full of things you'd not normally eat with the dish.

  7. Wolfgang has become one of my favorite chefs because of his realism and honesty. As a chef I love how practical he seems. Thanks for taking the time for the video.

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