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World Famous BBQ Pulled Mushroom Sandwich 2.0 (Vegan Pulled "Pork" Sandwich) | The Wicked Kitchen

It’s baaaaaaaack! Here’s a 2.0 version of one of our most popular recipes—the BBQ Pulled Mushroom Sandwich! Yes, this is a recipe we’ve previously shared, …

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  1. Why do vegans want to replicate meat? Just eat meat, be creative with your plants and I’ll eat it. I don’t want fake meat or anything to remind me of meat. Isn’t that the reason you become vegans. If not advocate humane meat production policies and practices.

  2. It is making me sad that you think you have to go fast. Everyone loves your videos and nobody wants them to go by faster! Not sure who is advising your otherwise, but they are wrong!!!

  3. I really don't like the taste of mushrooms (which is a problem) but this looks really good. maybe the bbq sauce will dominate the taste of the mushrooms. 😇

  4. Looks delicious, will have to see if the grocer carries king oyster mushrooms. I’ve seen similar recipes using jackfruit, but I can’t find that either. Are there any other mushrooms that can be shredded? Thank you for sharing 🌟

  5. I tried this (only had small king oyster mushrooms though) and boy was it good!! Just like the real thing .. not like jackfruit .. this is chewy! Only trouble is, those mushrooms SHRINK so use more. Bon appetit 🌹

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