World of Color Dessert Party at Disney California Adventure!

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  1. Have seen WoC but only used the free fastpass system – had to get there really early and wait for 90 minutes . We were able to sit on ground for the first half hour but then the crowd started pushing in and had to stand the last hour which was painful after walking all day in Disneyland . I think I will try the dessert party next time as it looked like you get to watch the show seated. Thanks for the review!

  2. LOVE the CA corn dogs . . . I miss that at Disney World! World of Color is really awesome. When we went my daughter she had the ears that lite up with show, so amazing!

  3. I've never done a dessert party, but those desserts looked great! And the show looks awesome! If I ever visit Disneyland, I'll definitely make sure to check out World of Color, and I also want to see Fantasmic! to see how it compares to the Hollywood Studios version. BTW, did y'all see Fantasmic! or not?

  4. I saw World of Color after doing a dining package at Ariels Grotto, which is now Lamplight Lounge…it was around $110 for the two of us, we got three courses and a drink and we were front and centre for World of Color…just far enough back not to be sprayed! It was awesome and my favourite Disney show for sure!

  5. LOVED, loved, loved World of Color! The dessert party was all sold out while we were still contemplating booking it. In stead we did the prefixed dinner package at Carthay Circle. It was excellent – best meal of our trip! And, the reserved viewing area was PERFECT. We may do it again this year.

  6. Had a chance to see world of color last spring and it was amazing! Never did the dessert party at DCA or WDW – not worth the expense to me. Did get fast passes for the show though – lined up early and it was crowded, but the spot was great. Didn’t try the corn dogs in DCA but have heard they are much better than the ones in MK. Bengal BBQ was one our favorite quick service places – but the food in general was much better in DL than WDW. Maybe they should try to bring some of it to Florida! Thanks for sharing!

  7. There is a rumor going around for a couple of years that World of Color is going to replace Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios. Hope it comes true

  8. We have this party booked for Dapper Day weekend! Can’t wait. Do you happen to remember what time you showed up to be the first set of people to choose your seats? We have done Carthay Circle World of Color Lunch Package and you had to stand up and it was somewhere towards the back. The best one is Wine Country Trattoria where you get to be up front near the rails but you’re standing up. A little worth it to not see kids on shoulders. LOL! I’m glad the dessert was good! Another good video! Thanks guys!

  9. I never get tried of watching the great show!..Never seen it personally but, it looks stunning! : D Nice job you 2 : D Much Love from Florida: Belinda Long : D

  10. You do have to get a corn dog It Disneyland because their hand battered. If you are a corn dog fan they're a must. World of Color is an amazing show. We didn't do a dessert party for WoC but we did for Light Up the Night Parade. Similar plate set up. We also had front row seats. Highly recommend. Thanks for sharing.

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