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Z-Grills 700 Series New for 2021! / Marinated Boneless Beef Ribs, Wrapped Into Pinwheels! Awesome!

Let’s take and Marinate some Boneless Beef Ribs and wrap them into Pinwheels! Awesome! Here’s the Link to Z-Grills …

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  1. I show up to these video for the great content but mostly the "oh myaann" lol

    Also ZGrills can thank you for at least one sale. My z-grills 7002F2 just showed up yesterday and I bought it because of your videos. Can't wait to get it together and try it out.

  2. Dang Tom you got me too! I just spent 15 minutes looking for this recipe in a previous video, that I know I saw already. Then I read another comment where you explain this is a re-edited from a week ago.
    Thought I was losing my marbles!😆

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